Has The Donald Trumped Us?

Well now we done it! After “electing” Trump and enough Republicans to Congress, we have the GOP controlling all three branches of government.  What are we in for?  It appears that many folk of the liberal ilk are trembling in their boots (or Birkenstocks, rather.  What liberal would be caught wearing boots?)  This is understandable given that many of them bought into the narrative that we have to elect “anybody but Trump.”  This narrative has a sneaky implication, though.  The liberal “Birkenstock quakers” (not to be confused with the religion or the traditional cereal brand) didn’t mean to vote for just ANYBODY.  You see, if you go to the “New Liberal Dictionary” and look up the word “anybody,” you will see a picture of none other than “Hillary Rodham Clinton,” (at least for the 2016 edition of the dictionary).  Unfortunately, this dictionary is not a widespread best-seller, so most of us missed the memo to look up “anybody” before voting!

Actually, that’s not true. The narrative “anybody but Trump” was so popular that it tapped into a penchant that we humans have to disobey authority (usually our parents):  Don’t take drugs!  Don’t look behind that curtain!  Don’t eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil!  Vote for anybody but Trump!  As you can see, it was inevitable that the Donald would be elected.  Perhaps if the Democrats would have had a candidate that stood for something different than the “same old, same old” that has been pushed since…um…a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, they would have come up with a narrative that actually promoted and emphasized the greatness of their candidate, which would attract voters in droves to vote for their candidate.  Ah, but I digress.

So now the liberals are terrified that the evil Trump empire is about to come to power. As a real (green) progressive, I actually share their deep concern.  Trump promised to “drain the swamp” in the process of appointing his cabinet.  This gave some of us a glimmer of hope.  Silly us.  After all, every new administration drains the swamp and replaces that swamp with fresh water to their liking.  Donald Trump has been no different.  Unfortunately for those of us who care about our future, the fresh water is as rotten as the water being drained.  If you are wondering how this can be, I have one word for you: corporate agenda (Okay, that’s two words, but I was only off by one!).

“What is this corporate agenda,” I hear you asking? In a nutshell (and believe me, Trump is “nuts as hell!”), the corporate agenda intends to create enduring (not endearing) policies which help the ultra-wealthy (also known as the “one percent”) become even wealthier than they already are.  Unfortunately, for the rest of us (the “ninety-nine percent”) this agenda comes at our expense.  In other words, the one percent is pushing (and getting passed) policies that help to extract money and resources from the ninety-nine percent, placing said money and resources into their big pockets, laughing all the way to the bank…which, coincidentally, they own!

As it turns out, the corporate agenda has become more and more transparent as the years have progressed. I remember as a youngster noticing how an effort was made by politicians to hide the effect that money from wealthy corporate donors influenced legislation.  Nowadays, no effort is made to hide this phenomenon.  We continually tell ourselves that the good ol’ U.S. of A is the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” but it is more like “land of the nearly free labor for the homes of the brave one percent exploiters” (who are getting bolder by the year at flaunting their corrupting influences).  We the people are becoming increasingly irrelevant to their agenda.  Why is that?

In my opinion, this is happening because the ninety-nine percent people don’t care enough to push back and fully participate in their democracy. At the very least, this is because they are incredibly busy just surviving!  How else do you explain electing the same type of schmucks year after year?  The powers behind the throne have taken over both parties so that we are given a choice between Tweedledee and Tweedledum if we insist on voting for candidates from major parties (i.e., Democrats and Republicans) only.  Feeling compelled to vote only for major party candidates, itself, is a mind control tactic used to keep the ninety-nine percent from taking control from the one percent, as is the various forms of election fraud and voter suppression.  The well-entrenched system is rigged against the common folk, indeed!

The subtle form of thought control that the one percent employs to keep the ninety-nine percent in line produces a petty division that distracts the people from addressing the real problem. For instance, I see a lot of Trump haters out there who see him as the problem.  He’s not the problem and neither are the Republicans or the Democrats (conservatives or liberals) the problem.  You see, there is very little difference between the two major parties because at their core they both push the corporate agenda.  This is why it does not matter if a Democrat or Republican is in the White House or Congress.  Either way, if you’re paying attention, the corporations win and we the people lose!  If this were not so, then we would have single-payer healthcare now thanks to the time when the Democrats controlled both the White House and Congress (If you’ll recall, it was the congressional Democrats that kept single-payer off the table in order to appease their corporate masters).  The only differences between the two parties are that Democrats tend to be more socially liberal than Republicans, so this fact is used to throw a few crumbs to the liberally inclined so that they vote for corporatist candidates with a “D” after their name.  As a result of the partisan divide, we see the same types of policies passed year after year.  Obama has been a third and fourth term of Bush who was a third and fourth term of Clinton.  Therefore, expect Trump to be nothing but a third and fourth term of Obama.

With the corporate agenda firmly in place, unless the people rise up and do something to resist it and create a new agenda, the next two to four years are going to preserve, if not accelerate the destruction of the human race because money will continue to Trump the greater good. Sure, we’ve survived an all-GOP government before (as late as ten years ago, even!), but how long can we survive as a species with the same destructive policies in place which deplete natural resources and force more and more people to go under financially?  The corporate agenda is not sustainable in the long haul.  “There is no planet B,” as the slogan goes.

So, what do we do to stop this insanity? It starts with waking up from your slumber of being a good little cog in a machine that was designed to benefit someone else at your expense.  This entails looking at your own thinking and beliefs and comparing them to what’s happening in what I like to call “the physical realm.”  If you don’t like what you see, determine how you are contributing to what you see.  Here’s a hint:  often you are contributing to your own detriment when you accept without question what has been taught to you.  Is it possible that the “common sense” that you were taught is wrong?  (Hint:  HELL YES!!).  For instance, a common belief is that “minor parties cannot win elections.”  When enough people hold this belief as a sacred truth, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and it gives those who hold that truth the permission to take the easy way and give up their integrity to vote their conscience in favor of conforming to “common sense” so they that can get the approval that they so desperately crave.  The way out of this insanity, folks, is not going to be easy or comfortable.  If it were, we would not be in this mess to begin with.  Each person is going to have to take responsibility for the woes of the world so that he takes appropriate action to bring about the change that we need to thrive collectively.

In conclusion, if you want to stop the neo-liberal/neo-conservative (or simply “Neo is the one”) agenda, rise up and shout, “Basta(rd)!” but don’t shout it at Trump or (insert favorite douchebag politician here) but do it in front of the mirror and then ask what small step can I do today to help change our corrupt system? After all, you are the one we’ve been waiting for and the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.  Enough of the clichés!  Go “in there” and raise some hell!


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