A Letter to Democratic Superdelegates

This article is a letter that Vilma Reynoso and I composed to send to the superdelegates in our state that are either supporting Hillary Clinton or who are uncommitted.  We are publishing this letter on both of our blogs so that others who want to join us to help Bernie Sanders get the Democratic nomination for president have easy access to it. Please share this with others and feel free to copy all or part of the text of the letter below and edit it to make it appropriate for your state.  The contact information for each state’s superdelegates may be found at http://superdelegatelist.com/list.  We recommend sending snail mail letters over emails, but emails are certainly better than sending nothing.

June 27, 2016


We are Bernie Sanders supporters who are dismayed that you are considering supporting Hillary Clinton despite the fact that Colorado overwhelmingly voted in favor of Sanders. We question who you are representing with such a position because it obviously is not the people of Colorado!  We write this letter to ask you to align your vote with the people of Colorado at the Democratic National Convention and help make the Democratic Party a party of the people, once again.

Given that the National Convention in July will be contested and decided by the superdelegates, the Democratic Party would be wise to choose a candidate that has the highest favorability rating for the General Election. Bernie Sanders has consistently polled as the only candidate of either major party to have a positive favorability rating.  This is no doubt because he has nothing to hide and is perceived (rightly so) of being extremely honest.  Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has consistently polled with high unfavorability numbers that continue to increase (last we checked it was at 55%)!  This is due to her being perceived as untrustworthy due to her flip-flopping on issues and other negatives which will be mentioned shortly.  It is no wonder that Clinton and Trump ran neck and neck in the polls during the primary season, while Sanders soundly beats Trump in those same polls.  Granted, Clinton has opened up a double-digit lead in the latest polls, but that is due to Trump’s current self-implosion more than any other factor, which raises the question, will Trump be the Republican nominee?  We are not so convinced given the current momentum.  If the Republicans pick a more “reasonable” candidate, do you think Clinton will be able to win the presidency given the Republican’s historical hatred for her?  We doubt it (especially because of the reasons described below).  Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, consistently beat ALL of the Republican candidates in primary polls, so nominating him gives the Democrats a distinct edge no matter who the GOP ultimately chooses.  Therefore, do you want to take the chance of losing to the Republicans in November by nominating Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for the presidency?

In contrast to Hillary, look at Bernie’s drawing power. He has consistently had the largest crowds at campaign rallies of any candidate running for office.  His rallies typically fill arenas and auditoriums while Hillary’s rallies are lucky to fill a room.  Even Trump’s rallies are bigger than Clinton’s!  Yet, when you look at the end-of-primary delegate count, she has slightly more pledged delegates to the National Convention.  Does it not seem strange to you that a candidate that is clearly more popular has fewer delegates?  It does to us!  As it turns out, there is a simple explanation:  the primary process has been rigged against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton from the very beginning.  Thanks to the Gucifer 2.0 DNC server hacking, the public now has documented proof of this, although it was obvious, even to the casual observer, that something was definitely askew in these primaries.  Part of the rigging was done with help from the mainstream media, which gave more favorable coverage to Clinton and less favorable (or no) coverage to Sanders.  Is it any surprise that most of the players in the mainstream media are big contributors to the Clinton campaign?

The main part of the rigging, though, was carried out by various election fraud techniques throughout the country, such as voter purging and computer “vote flipping” (documentation of the election fraud in each state can be found at https://electionfraud2016.wordpress.com).  As a result of these fraudulent actions, at least one lawsuit is being filed in federal court (see http://trustvote.org for more information).  Despite the system being rigged against Bernie Sanders, it is a testament to Sanders’ popularity that the delegate race is as close as it is!  Do you want to be on the wrong side of history supporting an illegitimate nominee, or do you have the integrity to vote for the real winner of the primary season, Bernie Sanders?

Another thing to consider in selecting a nominee to represent the party is who does a candidate represent? Unfortunately, most Democratic candidates these days (like their Republican counterparts) represent the interests of the wealthy because they typically contribute the most money to campaigns.  This is certainly true for Hillary Clinton.  All you have to do is look at her top donors during this campaign.  She also has indirect help from super PACs like Correct the Record.  As this past primary season demonstrated, there are more honest and effective means of raising campaign funds.  Bernie Sanders refused to have a super PAC and only accepts funds from individual people or unions.  How has he managed to raise so much money?  By addressing the issues that are important to the common people, not the wealthy, Sanders has been a breath of fresh air for many of us who are starving for a candidate who is interested in addressing the concerns of the masses.  Hence, it is no surprise that he is receiving so much financial support.  A large number of people each contributing a small amount of cash can add up to huge sums of money!  At the end of the day, Sanders’ principled approach to campaign financing makes him accountable to the people, not the corporations.  Any candidate who is beholden to wealthy interests over the interests of their own constituents is not worthy of our support.  Therefore, we refuse to vote for corrupt candidates, and we are not alone by a long shot!  Given the stark contrast between the two candidates for the nomination, whose side are you on?

While we are on the subject of corruption, one thing that should gravely concern superdelegates is that Hillary Clinton is under a criminal investigation by the FBI. Viewing the many news stories that have been published on this fact, it does not look good for Mrs. Clinton.  The question is not if but when will the FBI recommend indictment.  Given that the head of the FBI is a Republican, do you want to take the chance that he might help his party’s chance of winning the White House by recommending indictment of Hillary Clinton as an October surprise?  Do you think the public at large will be motivated to vote for someone who is under investigation for criminal acts?  Do you want to risk a constitutional crisis that will devastate the Democratic Party like Watergate did to the Republican Party?  If you care about winning in November, your best bet is to support the cleanest candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Yet another thing to be aware of in choosing a nominee is that there is great dissatisfaction (that crosses party lines) by the public toward the politicians that are supposed to represent them. We see this dissatisfaction in both the successes of Bernie Sanders AND Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is not liked or trusted for many reasons – one being she represents the status quo of the establishment.  She is even endorsed by some in the Republican establishment!  What does that say about Clinton and her supporters in terms of what the Democratic Party stands for?  We can see Franklin Roosevelt spinning in his grave because today’s Democratic Party is way more conservative than the Democratic Party of seventy years ago!  Given this anti-establishment trend, Clinton cannot win if she runs against Trump.  Sanders, on the other hand, is more anti-establishment than Trump, and that is one reason why polls consistently show that Bernie can easily beat Trump.  To ignore this trend puts the Democratic Party in jeopardy of losing all of its races in the General Election in November.  Nominating Sanders will have just the opposite effect because most of his supporters (like most of Trump’s supporters) are tired of status-quo politics, where special interests are prioritized over the common interests of the people.  This dissatisfaction is what is responsible for the birth of the Bernie or Bust movement (of which we are members).  This faction of the Democratic Party is large enough that Hillary Clinton cannot win without its support.  Since “Bernie or Busters,” by definition, refuse to support her (Even if she chose Sanders as her Vice President!), the only way for the Democratic Party to win the White House will be to nominate Bernie Sanders.  The number of Clinton supporters who might be disgusted with the party for nominating Sanders would be miniscule when compared to the number of us Sanders supporters who would be lost due to a Clinton nomination.

In further weighing the factors discussed in this letter, it seems to us that a superdelegate would be wise to nominate the candidate who has consistently been on the right side of history for practically all his life not only because such a candidate is irresistible to the public at large (as Bernie has demonstrated countless times at his rallies), but also because such a candidate represents the future of both the Democratic Party and the country (given Sanders’ undeniable popularity with millennials). A party, like the Democrats, that wants to win the general election, needs to make an effort to not only maintain its base, but to grow with the needs and desires of the people they represent. The higher the voter turnout (assuming no election fraud is occurring) the more likely Democratic candidates are likely to win, as has been shown historically.  I would think this is what you as a representative of the Democratic Party would want and this is exactly what Bernie Sanders desires (unlike Hillary Clinton and the establishment crowd who seems to want to keep the Democratic Party an exclusive club).  As we write this, it is troubling to us that the party seems unwilling to consider the future generation in its platform.  Given what was voted upon in St. Louis during the final weekend in June, the corporate status quo prevailed with only a few concessions to the people.

Why would you want to resist giving the future generations the best that this generation has to offer? Do you not care about our future? Do you not care about your grandchildren and their future? Is your support for Clinton just to preserve your position of privilege and power?  If so, your decision will lead to not only further losses by Democrats, but also further destruction of society as the rich get richer and the poor (and middle class) get poorer.  If your motivation is for short-sighted selfish reasons, then we will see this in how you vote, and rest assured, you will have proven yourself to be a detriment to the greater good.  As such, we will not vote for you in future elections or do business with you.  We will discourage others from voting for you and doing business with you, as well.

Do not sacrifice our future for short-term personal gain. You have the opportunity to play a profoundly constructive role in the future of the Democratic Party and the United States!  Please vote for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in order to strengthen the party and make it a thriving party of the people, for the people, and by the people!


Peter Roth, Precinct 325 Sanders Delegate to the Douglas County Convention

Vilma Reynoso, Parker, Colorado


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