Who Has the Power?

This political season has been more interesting than any I remember! The major characters that are still running for the office of President of the United States couldn’t be more different! My favorite, Bernie Sanders, for the most part, represents the best in humanity. The other two remaining candidates (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump), appear to represent some of the insecurities that we humans carry around inside our souls. Most notably, they are obsessed with winning at all cost, apparently believing that they are nothing if they lose.

I must admit that I have been disappointed with many of the primary elections on the Democratic side of the race, given that Clinton has the lead in delegates. It has frustrated me how my candidate (who clearly is the most popular with respect to the size of crowds he consistently draws) does not have the greatest number of delegates. After doing some research on why this might be, it is quite clear that this discrepancy is a result of an overall strategy of election fraud.

While Clinton’s integrity has been called into question on multiple fronts, would dumping her in favor of Sanders solve the problems this country and world faces? Would having Bernie as president remove election fraud in the future? As Sanders himself has said, he cannot bring about significant social change himself. I agree. The fact is, simply replacing a president will do little to change the serious corruption that exists in our system because corruption is performed by numerous people. So even if the top person is not corrupt, that means nothing if that person cannot appoint others who play fair, nor will it do any good if we the people keep electing corrupt politicians to Congress and our state legislatures.

Not only that, but if we look at history, we see that not one of the terrible tyrants that rose to power could have produced the atrocities for which they are remembered without the help of other people. In fact, tyrants rarely commit misdeeds at all. The worse they do typically is come up with horrific policies, which are then turned over to others to execute (pardon the pun).

As good people, it is easy for us to look upon such dictators and condemn their behavior and that of their henchmen. Yet, we still have tyrants and ne’er-do-wells in positions of power today. Have we learned nothing? Why do we continue to make the same mistakes politically? I’ll tell you why. It’s because each of us does not take responsibility for ALL of our actions, which have a profound effect on the state of our society. We often go about our lives doing what we are told or doing what we were taught since infancy, giving no thought as to how our actions might affect those around us and society at large.

So the question becomes, how are each of us unwittingly contributing to the problems and the suffering that we experience today? There is no simple answer to this. However, if we each keep in mind that we are all connected, it becomes quite apparent that it is really impossible to not suffer with others, no matter how hard we try to isolate ourselves from those who are suffering. By the same token, any step an individual takes to improve the life on planet Earth will have a positive impact on the world to one degree or another. This perspective is embraced by Bernie Sanders and is a big reason why he is my candidate.

What does one have to do to improve the life for all? Well, take any societal problem you care to look at and challenge yourself to be as honest with yourself as possible. I’ll bet if you dig deep enough into the issue, you will find a way that you are contributing to the problem. Look at your motivation and ask, “Why am I inclined to perform a particular action? Am I willing to look at the benefits AND the drawbacks of performing that action?” When you attempt to answer these questions, you will probably notice that your motivation is based on a particular belief or two.

It seems quite apparent to me that most of us are trained to believe that we are powerless to enhance the world and that only others with “special talents” can actually enhance the world significantly. We are taught to admire, support and obey such people. Likewise, we are also taught to fear certain other people who have the power to bring about disaster (to greater or lesser degrees) or our own destruction. Needless to say, we wish to avoid interacting with the latter people, given that we are vulnerable to their misdeeds. As a result, we may be motivated to take action to remove the “evil” person from power (either by election or through violent means).

The funny thing is, whenever we remove a malfeasant from power, we almost inevitably get another malfeasant in his stead. Why is that? It’s because the problem was not the person in power. The problem was our belief that we are powerless! Think of it this way. If everyone in Germany back in the 1930’s embraced how personally powerful they were, would Hitler have been able to become chancellor? Not a chance! The same is true today. We really have no excuse for electing scoundrels or putting up with political corruption!

The problem is never “out there!” It is always in us! The good news is that the problem’s solution is in us, too. The tricky part is taking our attention off the problem so that we can see the solution. As Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” When we dare to think from a different perspective from what we are used to thinking, we can see solutions much easier. What was once impossible all of a sudden becomes quite possible.

It is “possibility thinking” that is often seen as a threat to the status quo. Bernie Sanders has definitely been an example of a politician who thinks outside of the box of “conventional wisdom.” I think that the fact that so many people swarm to Sanders rallies suggests to me that more and more people are waking up to their indoctrination to conventional wisdom and realizing how powerful and creative they really are to make this country and world a haven for us all. Those who resist this awakening merely are resisting their own introspection and are content to continue living on “auto-pilot.”

The challenge I face when encountering people who are “asleep at the wheel,” is that I sometimes get angry at them, forgetting that doing so is an admission that they have power over me. As soon as I realize this admission, I remember that their behavior is ultimately irrelevant to my well-being. From my state of increased awareness, I can recognize that no other individual really has power over me unless I give them that power.

This realization, in turn, frees me to be the person I was meant to be. Nothing is more fulfilling than being the person you were meant to be. When we live our lives authentically, we exercise our power through creatively dealing with whatever situation is at hand. Lest you think that everyone being who they are meant to be would invite destructive chaos, remember that we are born of love and are creatures of love who deep down know that we are all connected so that when another suffers, we suffer. When we bring joy and well-being to others, we bring joy and well-being to ourselves.

The world needs you to be your authentic self, right here, right now, from now on. You are the one we’ve been waiting for! Claim your power and express it in your own creative and loving way…and I’ll do the same. Deal?


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