Something for You to Choose On

Note to Self: The conscious person performs “right action”; the unconscious person avoids fear. Thus, choice does not exist.

I first published the note above on Facebook and Twitter on August 18, 2009, but for some reason I am called to publish it again and expound upon it!

I realize that this Note to Self appears to fly in the face of what is commonly taught: Each person is empowered with the power to choose in each moment, and one’s quality of life is a result of one’s personal choices. This teaching is especially prevalent in those areas of the world that espouse “freedom” as a core value. It seems obvious that when life presents a person with two or more options, he must CHOOSE one of the options in order to proceed with his life. Even not choosing an option is seen as a “choice”.

If life is a bunch of random events, then maybe a person DOES have the power to randomly choose whatever options materialize. I do not subscribe to the belief that the Universe is full of randomness, though. I see each event as being born of a purpose. I may not know or understand what that purpose is, but that does not mean that purpose is absent. In a random Universe, it is easy to imagine that making predictions is totally impossible, whereas in a purposeful Universe, it is easy to imagine that making predictions is not only quite possible, but quite useful. I have certainly experienced making successful predictions whether through mathematics or intuition because life, no doubt, presents itself as a collection of recurring patterns.

So if I live in a purposeful Universe, each so-called choice that I make is made for certain reasons, of which I may or may not be conscious. What are these reasons? They are called my motive or motivation. At its most basic level, only two motivations exist: love and fear. If one’s motive is fear-based, then one will react to avoid that which is feared. On the other hand, if one’s motive is based on love, then one will act to enhance or embrace the experience at hand. This enhancing or embracing is what I mean when I use the term “right action”.

Is there a person among the sea of humanity who would rather be fearful than loving? I, frankly, doubt it. Who wouldn’t want to perform right action if it was known and fear was not an issue in any given situation. Given this innate understanding that, I believe, we all carry, it is easy to see that one cannot choose to be coming from fear any more than one can choose to come from love. It is simply a matter of one’s level of consciousness. Those who are fearful are in that state because they are ignorant (i.e., not conscious) of some aspect of that which they fear. As a result, they predictably react in such a way to avoid having to deal with the object of their fear, demonstrating that no choice is exercised. On the other hand, a person who is full of love in a situation, carries full awareness of the nature of that situation, totally appreciating it to the extent that he knows the most appropriate path to take in any situation, demonstrating, again, that no choice is exercised.

Thus, I have explained what I meant in my Note to Self. I realize that to not have the power of choice at one’s disposal might have initially sounded rather depressing, but if one is filled with love, maybe not having choice and possibly other traits ain’t so bad. At the very least, having no choice is a relief from inner debates and therefore, encourages peace of mind!


2 thoughts on “Something for You to Choose On

    • Sassa, what I was referring to when I wrote “inner debates” was those times when a person has trouble “making up his mind”. I have found that inner debates usually play out in this manner: one is aware (or semi-aware) of what he “should” do as well as what he truly desires to do. The “should” path is almost always based on fear (“I should do X, otherwise something bad will happen”). Whereas, what one truly desires is unconcerned with what will result (i.e., it is based in Love).


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